Why We Are The Best

                                           Reasons why you and your brand can trust us

                                                                                            Rich media

234ads.com supports a variety of popular advertising formats including Interstitial, Fixed sidebar, Branding background, Footer marqueue.

                                                                                             Video Ads

We salute your decision to work with video ads. 234ads.com supports IAB’s VAST Video linear Tags. Built-in video ads are also available.

                                                                                        Time Targeting

Time targeting is centred around time and focuses on the idea of fitting in around people’s everyday lifestyles. So spend your budgets wisely and show your ads only when you need it.

                                                                                        Geo targeting

Available options include targeting by country, region or city. You may use white-list or black-list to configure your campaigns more precisely.

                                                                                       Device targeting

No need to serve unrelevant ads – target the devices and operating systems you really need.

                                                                                      Carrier targeting

234ads.com allows you to target specific mobile operators (carriers) using predefined list or IPs subnet set up manually.

                                                                                   World-Wide CDN

Ad delivery through global CDN allows us to minimize the time it takes to show your ads because your creatives are being shown to users from phisically closest server.